What to Expect on your Visit to the Salon

Based upon State Board of Pennsylvania requirements, as well as I am Immune Compromised with Crohn’s Disease and on immune-suppressants, In order to keep each person safe as well
as myself I will be taking a few extra precautions.

My promise to you

  • I will be taking my temp before the start of the day and at the end of each work day. I will also be taking my temperature on non-working days. My temperature will be written on a calendar by the front door.
  • I will be masked, face shield, and disposable apron which will be changed in between each person.
  • Due to New Hope being a tourist town in the summer and fall, I have changed my hours around to avoid the busy times in town. This is to limit exposure to extra people for everyone coming in.

Which Door to Enter and Building Safety

  • Entrance will be through the FRONT door ONLY (Front door will be locked once you come in, this way people off the street will not wander in during your appointment).
  • A copper infused floor mat will be at the front.
  • The front, back and side door will be left open all day
  • 4 UV-C air purifiers will be running at all times.
  • Chairs will be covered in disposable plastic and plastic will be changed in between each person.
  • Bathroom will be sanitized with rubbing alcohol in between each person. The time of the sanitation will be written on a sheet next to the bathroom door.
  • All Soap and hand sanitizer dispenser are touch-less.
  • Each person’s cape and towels will be packed in an individual closed plastic box after coming out of the dryer. All used containers will be ran through the dishwasher at the end of the day.
  • Color bowls, brushes, clips, shears and clippers will be packed in a closed container after sanitized and disinfected. Only items used for your service will be taken out of boxes. I will not be going back into containers once a person is in the building.
  • All color bowls and brushes will be cleaned with soap and water then ran through the dishwasher as an extra precaution.
  • All tools will be cleaned, soaked in disinfectant as we always have, my shears and clippers will be put through a UV machine after disinfecting as an extra precaution.
  • Surfaces will be sprayed with Barbacide in between each person

-Please wait until you are called or texted to come in for your appointment The front door will be locked until the salon is fully sanitized after the previous person. The back gate to the driveway will be latched and locked as well.

Masks are required to enter

Once you enter

  • I will be taking everyone’s temperature anything above 99.5 degrees, I will be asking people to Leave and reschedule.
  • Hand sanitizer will be at the front door each person will need to sanitize.
  • Once inside you will step into an automatic shoe cover dispenser which will put plastic booties over your shoes.
  • Masks need to be worn through the entirety of the service.
  • You will be asked to sign a consent form. Bring a pen with you or I will have a disinfected one for you.
  • I will be doing just rough dries not my normal full blow dries to keep hair from blowing around too much and contaminating any surface.
  • In these times we will have a $5 COVID cleaning charge added to all services.

Again, I am Immune Compromised with Crohn’s Disease and on immune-suppressants.

Please, if you have ANY Cold or Flu like symptoms even if you think it is allergies symptoms PLEASE Reschedule.

If you have Traveled or have been exposed to Large Gathering within 2 weeks before seeing me Please Reschedule.

I promise I will be taking all precautions on my end as well to ensure everyone’s health and safety while still maintaining a relaxing and enjoyable environment. I appreciate everyone’s cooperation and understanding while we learn to navigate this “new normal”.

I look forward to seeing Everyone!